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Rose Bedford
What to Expect
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Your First Visit

I offer an initial meeting which is free of charge, and hope it is a relaxed and useful time to discuss whether I am the most suitable person for you to see (and if not, who else can help). You will also have a chance to ask questions and decide if you feel comfortable with the way I work and what I can offer, before deciding to go ahead. It can sometimes be useful to talk to more than one counsellor before making your decision.

Ongoing Work

Once you have made the decision to start counselling, we can decide when we meet. It will usually be for one hour, once a week.

Current availability (May 2011): I have some available appointments for both counselling and supervision during the day on Thursday and Fridays.


Everything you bring to counselling is private, and is held in the strictest confidence. There are rare occasions when a counsellor might have to break this confidentiality agreement, and these will be clearly explained as part of our initial contract.

Your Sessions

I tailor a different way of working for each person, as each person is unique and will bring different experiences. We will discuss this when you come. Many people want to talk, and I will listen very carefully and offer observations and reflections about what you say. I will also sometimes offer other ways of working, where appropriate, to help you meet your needs. There are many of these, including:
  • sand tray 
  • art work
  • writing therapy
  • visualisations 
  • relaxation techniques

Remember, counselling sessions are your time: please do tell me if you have preferred ways of working.
To make contact
you can email:


...or phone on 07919 810857

To contact the BACP

The BACP is the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and their website contains information about counselling, and counsellors in your area. 


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